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Simon Caine-Oracle is a 3-phase modular mysterious routine using a deck of cards and your beautiful pendulum.

 A card is freely chosen and mixed among several others. 
Using the mysterious movement of a pendulum, you are able to divine the identity of the chosen card.

  You then teach your audience about the power of the pendulum, which, under their control, is seen to answer questions merely thought of.   
The selected card is turned face down and hidden once more, until only the participant knows its location. Despite this, you are able to use the pendulum to find the card in an unquestionable display of dowsing.   

For a final demonstration, a second participant is asked to simply think of a card. The pendulum reveals this thought in a way that guarantees stunned silence from your audience.  

Oracle is a perfect routine to end an evening of mysterious entertainment, whether close up or stage. Prove many of the esoteric and occult powers of the pendulum and imbue your audience with a genuine power of mind over matter! 

 Oracle plays big and is powerful enough to be the only thing you perform, yet so direct you can slot it into any other performance! 

 If you don't work with playing cards, Oracle also includes a description of a tarot performance.

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